Fabric Covered Buildings in Lubbock, TX

Avent Services offers fabric buildings for livestock, industrial, agricultural, recreational, and retail use.¬†With their versatility, our fabric-covered buildings can be used both as temporary shelters or as permanent storage facilities. We’ve been providing cost-effective fabric buildings and storage solutions throughout Texas, including Lubbock, TX.

Fabric Buildings Use Cases In Agriculture

Fabric covered buildings in Lubbock, TX for grain storage

Fabric covered buildings are so flexible in their purpose that they can be designed to what your agriculture operation needs are in Lubbock. From storage of commodities like cotton, corn, feed grains, and wheat. While raising livestock can be complex, as cattle, dairy, sheep, and swine all have different requirements for their productivity and health.


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Dairy And Calving Are A Hot Topic In The Hub City

Leprino Foods chose Lubbock to build their new facility, allowing the city and surrounding area to have a critical role in the Texas dairy industry. Fabric buildings, also known as hoop buildings, are used in the dairy industry by operators needing the flexibility to expand or have temporary portable shelters for their livestock. Our buildings can be designed to improve the efficiency of animal care at dairy and calving facilities.

Open Span Design Allows For More Creative Uses

Our buildings do not require interior columns providing more interior space. The open span design allows the construction of the inside of the building to be more flexible. The flexibility is not limited to just the inside, but our specially designed interlocking system for the fabric panels allows for future expansion.

The interior flexibility and the possibilities of expansion have allowed Avent Services customers to fit their own needs. Our fabric covered buildings have been used for airplane hangars, retail storefronts, and indoor sports facilities.

Advantages of Avent Services for Lubbock, TX

Shorter Construction Time

Traditional buildings can take weeks or months to complete, but our fabric-covered buildings can be constructed in a fraction of the time. Your business will be able to resume operations without a significant loss of productivity with less downtime.  

Helpful Sales Team

Your fabric-covered building will be designed based on your specific requirements by our dedicated sales team.   All of your needs will be met by our professionals from start to finish.  

Superior Materials

Our fabric structures are made from durable materials and are an investment that is cost-effective for your Lubbock, Texas business.  No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll get quality materials for your fabric covered building, whether it’s for storage or livestock.  

Ready to Learn More About Our Lubbock, TX Fabric-Covered Buildings?

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