Hoop Buildings in Paris, TX

Are you looking for hoop buildings near Paris, TX? These structures are also known as fabric buildings and are versatile while also being affordable. Efficient Construction, Durable Materials and a World-Class Sales Team that’s The Avent Advantage

Our fabric buildings serve several purposes

  • Agriculture: livestock, commodities and fertilizer
  • Machinery: ag equipment, construction and utility vehicles
  • Municipal: Salt, sand, park and road maintenance equipment
  • Recreational: indoor field house and fairground arena

Hoop barns are fabric-covered structures that are more cost-effective than pole barns and other outbuildings while serving the same purpose of creating a secure enclosure for livestock, commodities, fertilizers, and ag machinery.

Paris Eiffel Tower Replica (Texas, USA) 
 by Adavyd
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Providing outdoor comfort for livestock and humans

Hoop buildings allow for better ventilation when a/c is cost-prohibitive, making them ideal for fairground buildings where youths may show their livestock or ideal for rodeos.

Affordable Livestock Shelter

Fabric structure provides affordable protection from the elements for your livestock. You want to choose professionals who have knowledge of the industry. At Avent Services, we understand the process of raising and caring for livestock. From calving facilities to dairy barns, our livestock buildings are engineered to fit your operational needs.

Fabric Covered Buildings for Industrial

Whether you need a building for sand storage or you have heavy machinery to store, Avent Services offers high-quality fabric buildings. Our selection of strong and durable fabric structures is engineered to help your operation increase productivity.

We can help you with all of your industrial needs with superior fabric buildings for sand storage, salt storage, oil, gas, and energy, mining structures, equipment, and machinery.

Fabric Hoop Building Company

Avent Services may not be the biggest company building fabric structures, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t the best. With our personalized approach to service, we provide every client with the attention and care they deserve. See what sets us apart by getting in touch with us today.

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